Third torii gate

 Donors Takasaburo Natori  [名取 高三郎]

In Meiji 8 (1875), leaves his home in Yamanashi to move to Hokkaido at the age of 18. In Meiji 10 (1877), he opens the hardware store in Otaru, and with the help of a booming economy, succeeds in expanding the business.
Natori returns once to his home in Meiji 27 (1894), but returns again to reopen business in Otaru. Business prospers again, and in Meiji 35 (1902) he is elected into the Otaru Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, he becomes acting CEO for Otaru Shurin Company, and auditor for Hokkaido Bank. In Showa 3 (1928) he is awarded for being a contributor to the development of Otaru.